J.B. HughesSino and Gideon want nothing more than to get away from their western paymasters. Coming to the west had been a dream, a way of escaping poverty and drudgery in their native China and South Africa. But now they’ve seen what life is like in America and Europe, home doesn’t look so bad.

The problem is getting away is easier said than done. Returning home to China, Sino finds he has either to work for westerners or to cheat them while, back in South Africa, Gideon is trapped between corrupt friends and allies, and his overbearing white employers.

For their American boss, Sam, life is no less complicated. The Chinese have copied his technology, stolen his customers and landed his global enterprise in all manner of legal tangles. Now bodies are starting to turn up in far-flung places and his shareholders are getting nervous…

The Glass Tower is a no-holds-barred portrait of life in our globalized world, where the only thing you can count on is uncertainty and cultural differences remain as deep and divisive as ever. Follow the author @J_B_Hughes on Twitter.

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